Build modern interfaces with the Gravity design system and libraries

Recent updates
The long-awaited date-components libraries is now available! Please check them out now.
Meet the new Components and Design sections with guidelines and component sandboxes.
Our Figma library is finally released and available here. Currently it's in Beta so we'd love for you to test it out and share your feedback with us.
Built on real-life experience
Conceived as an in-house solution in response to real developers' needs, we released Gravity to the open-source community.
First class design
Experienced designers curate the look of our libraries, ensuring that components are stylish and consistent, with support for dark mode and high-contrast themes.
An evolving ecosystem
Regular feedback from our community of developers allows us to continuously improve our libraries, and break compatibility only when necessary.


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Weekly Sync
Campaign brainstorm
Logo redesign


  • Design: Public Figma templates
  • UIKit: Extended style customization options and themes support
  • Docs: Improved components documentation
  • Design: Guidelines
  • Date Components: New library for working with date and timeIn progress
  • UIKit: Right-to-left languages supportIn progress
  • UIKit: improvements in digital accessibilityIn progress

Start creating with Gravity UI

git clone my-project && cd my-project
npm i
npm run start

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