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Recent updates
If you want to find out our future plans, please check out the recently updated roadmap section.
We continue to improve our templates section and have added the Remix template. If you need other templates, don’t hesitate to create an issue.
We added templates for popular frameworks (CRA, Next.js, Vite) and redesigned templates section. Now it’s even easier to start using our framework in your project.
Built on real-life experience
Conceived as an in-house solution in response to real developers' needs, we released Gravity to the open-source community.
First class design
Experienced designers curate the look of our libraries, ensuring that components are stylish and consistent, with support for dark mode and high-contrast themes.
An evolving ecosystem
Regular feedback from our community of developers allows us to continuously improve our libraries, and break compatibility only when necessary.


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Weekly Sync
Campaign brainstorm
Logo redesign

Roadmap 2024

  • Date Components: New library for working with date and time
  • UIKit: Right-to-left languages supportIn progress
  • UIKit: improvements in digital accessibilityIn progress
  • Figma: color theme template builderIn progress
  • Development farmIn progress
  • Docs: Date Components in Components sectionIn progress
  • UIKit: emoji picker, color picker, label input and range input componentsIn progress
  • UIKit: Migration to Floating UI
  • Docs: Page constructor in Components section
  • UIKit: Extended mobile support
  • Page constructor: footer block

Start creating with Gravity UI

npx create-react-app my-app --template gravity-ui-pure
cd my-app
npm start

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